Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Write Between the Eyes


January 20 - November 11, 2023
Every Friday & Saturday Night

Doors: 7pm | Dinner: 7:30pm | Show Starts: 8pm

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Stop that train! The railroad tycoon, Horace Grimsby has been murdered and a deadly gunslinger is in town! This can’t be a good combination and it’s got Marshal Jim Courtright more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Homicidal Hank, the hit man for hire, ain’t the only suspect. There’s also Buffalo Joe, a buffalo hunter (hence the name) that’s spent a little too much time ridin’ the range; Catastrophe Kate who’s the local cattle rancher with a serious grudge against mules; and Sissy Mae Prissbottom, a writer of genteel poetry for ladies with a secret to hide.

Tarnation!  This zany cast of characters is more volatile than a case of nitro on a runaway wagon. If all heck breaks loose, and it probably will, it’s your job to help Marshal Courtright figure out who dunnit!  So polish your spurs and grab your guns ‘cause the laughs are about to fly like bullets.

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Meet The Characters

Marshal Jim Courtright

Jim is a man’s man, a straight arrow, except for that time in St. Louis… and Denver… and Wichita. Okay, so he hasn’t always been an angel. At least he’s tough and brave… unless there’s a gunslinger in town. Despite his past the Marshal is not a suspect!

Buffalo Joe (Josiah Johnson)

Joe’s a hard working man who’s just trying to get by in rapidly changing times. And that ain’t easy when a rich railroad Tycoon is undermining his way of life. It might take more than his wife’s special chili to improve his situation.

Catastrophe Kate (Kate O’Malley)

Kate O’Malley is the local wealthy rancher who can go from a fine lady to bull in a china closet over the mention of a mule. She’s recently widowed and can be quick to act and easier to upset, especially if you mention the untimely demise of her dear husband.

Sissy Mae Prissbottom

Sissy is a writer of poetry for ladies, a well-educated socialite about to marry a railroad tycoon, and possibly a stalker. She’s got something to hide and it’s not just the plot of her latest novel.

Homicidal Hank (Henry Kerchov)

Like Joe, Hank is just trying to make a living doing what he does best, which just happens to be killing people. It would be easier if there weren’t a series of dime novels celebrating his exploits and making him the target of every up-and-coming gunslinger around.