Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

No Home For The Holidays


Through Dec 23
Shows are Thurs - Sun with double shows on Fri & Sat
Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Early Show

Doors Open – 4pm

Dinner Served – 4:30pm

Show Starts – 5pm

Show Ends – 6:30pm

Late Show

Doors Open – 7:30pm

Dinner Served – 8pm

Show Starts – 8:30pm

Show Ends – 10pm

It’s Christmas time and the not-so-favorite happy homemaker Martha Seward is busy bustling around town making everyone else look bad.  ‘Tis the season! So what if she’s ruined Cleo’s business, broken Bert’s heart, and ignored every fire code imaginable leaving Claude in a tizzy? There isn’t time to worry about any of that because the next Christmas Contest is about to start.  The town is ablaze…and so is Martha’s house…and she’s still in it! This ain’t no accident, and it’s up to Marshal Jim Courtright to find out who roasted Martha on an open fire.

Show Dates

Friday, Nov 18 | 8:30pm

Saturday, Nov 19 | 8:30pm

Friday, Nov 25 | 5pm

Friday, Nov 25 | 8:30pm

Saturday, Nov 26 | 5pm

Saturday, Nov 26 | 8:30pm

Thur, Dec 1 | 5pm

Fri, Dec 2 | 5pm

Fri, Dec 2 | 8:30pm

Sat, Dec 3 | 5pm

Sat, Dec 3 | 8:30pm

Sun, Dec 4 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 8 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 8 | 8:30pm

Fri, Dec 9 | 5pm

Fri, Dec 9 | 8:30pm

Sat, Dec 10 | 5pm

Sat, Dec 10 | 8:30pm

Sun, Dec 11 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 15 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 15 | 8:30pm

Fri, Dec 16 | 5pm

Fri, Dec 16 | 8:30pm

Sat, Dec 17 | 5pm

Sat, Dec 17 | 8:30pm

Sun, Dec 18 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 22 | 5pm

Thur, Dec 22 | 8:30pm

Fri, Dec 23 | 5pm

Fri, Dec 23 | 8:30pm

Meet The Characters

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Marshal Jim Courtright

Christmas is usually this likeable lawman’s favorite time of year, but Martha is stirring up trouble and she doesn’t even have a spoon. He knows he better get things under control or the town’s golden goose is about to be roasted.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Martha Seward

She’s practically perfect in every way, and she’ll be the first to tell you. Christmas is her favorite time of year, and why wouldn’t it be? She organizes, competes, and wins all the contests…quite an impossible feat. No one knows how she does it all. It’s like she’s always two places at once!

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


Rule #1: Follow the rules. As the town’s Chief Fire Marshal, Claude has no patience for hooligans that disregard policies, even if it’s someone as self-important as Martha Seward. But don’t panic, if things get out of control, he’ll panic enough for everyone. Has Martha driven him so far over the edge that he decided to extinguish her flame once and for all?

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


This simple chimney sweep loves Martha more than soot itself. But she’s colder than a snow-covered rooftop one minute and warmer than a cozy fire the next. She’s got him more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. But this Christmas, Bert is done playing reindeer games. Either she makes up her mind, or he’ll do it for her.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Cleo Fox

The newest town resident, Miss Fox will dazzle you with her gifts as a clairvoyant. Need to ask Pawpaw one last question from the other side? She’ll be happy to oblige…for a small fee. Business would be booming if Martha weren’t running her off prime real estate just for another Christmas tree…or twenty. Perhaps she plans to talk to Martha from the great beyond sooner rather than later.